Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving break

I went to the barn a few times over break, but I didn't ride even once :( 
I mostly played with Jack and Stella. Larry was off at another Quarter Horse show with Mindy, so I couldn't see either of them or play with Abby. Jack and I went down to the back field, where I talked to Mac for a while and climbed into the treestand again. I also went down to the pond and went out into the woods. I took lots of pictures, and I learned that my camera has a timer. I had a whole lot of fun with that. I was swinging on vines and stuff, and I got a few good pictures. 
I also experimented with the horses in the pasture. I carried the mounting block out into the pasture, sat it down, and stood up on it. All of the horses--Tina, Jessie, Sydney, and Tatiana--came moseying up to me to see what I was doing. Stella was the LAST one to come and see me. Each horse had their own reaction. Jessie was actually really scared. I reached my hand out to her, and she jumped away from me. Tatiana and Sydney came up to me a little bit and were a little wary, but they lost interest and started grazing nearby. Stella finally walked up to me, pushed me once with her nose, played with me a little, and started grazing again. Tina would not leave me alone! She squiggled, she nosed, she looked over every inch of my body, she played with the block and tried to knock it over... That horse is so precious :) Jessie never forgave me for scaring her. I walked over to her and tried to pet her, but she trotted off. It was really fun, and I was really interested in their reactions. 
I think that BJ is weird. He was doing a leg-lift-kick-head-turn-colicky thing, and it scared me to death. Jean had just fed him, and he ate every bite, which REALLY scared me. I got out the stethoscope and listened to his gut, but I didn't hear very much. Then, he pooped and I figured he was just being weird. He was alternating between both back legs, too, so it's not like he was injured or anything.
I wish I could have gone riding this weekend.
Oh, and I got the results of my MRI. The doctor said I have a slight bulge in the disc between L4 and L5, but that it's so close to being normal, that he's going to search for the cause of my pain in my hip joints next. 

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