Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last Thursday's Lesson (And Fall Break)

I guess I'll update about LAST Thursday's lesson. I'm so lazy.
I started out on Barney. I actually got him to move quite well, despite his mulish tendencies. I held a crop, but I only used it when we cantered. Barney's a jerk when it comes to cantering, so I got up into a two-point like I wanted him to hand-gallop. He actually gave me a little more than a lope, but still less than a canter. 
Then, we switched horses. I switched with Laura. She had Merlin. I was really happy that I got Merlin, but I was kind of sad that I "took" Merlin from Laura. She likes Merlin almost as much as I do. After we switched, we had to ride a pattern. It was a posting trot to halfway down the long side of the ring, a sitting trot to the end, a left lead canter and canter circle on the far short side, a transition to the posting trot down the quarterline, and a halt at the group. I think my go was really good, but Teresa didn't say anything about it. I wasn't happy about that. She commented on everyone else's ride, but she didn't say a thing about mine :( Oh well. 
This weekend was fall break. I spent a whole lot of time riding. I rode Stella twice. The first ride would have been excellent, but I hurt my hip riding Tatiana right before. I had to two-point the canter because it hurt to sit it. I could barely sit or post the trot, and it even hurt to walk. I had to get off. 
I was going to ride Mr. Bizzle, the stallion that Larry is training, but Larry said that I ought to "save my hip to ride Stella." I had a good ride on Stella, but, once again, I hurt my hip. This time, it was a downward transition from the canter to the halt. I was not happy, but I kept riding for a while. 
I also rode Tatiana again on another day. Tatiana is going to be so amazing. She has a lovely trot. I can't wait until she's ready to canter! 
I also tried Stella's hospital gown on her. Her legs won't go through the armholes no matter what, but it fits her perfectly otherwise. I might just leave the armholes or pin them rather than cutting and sewing. I don't want to ruin the hospital gown, and I definitely don't want it to look like a regular old sheet, which is really what it reminds me of. I played veterinarian with my mom's crappy stethoscope (It works well enough for vet play, but it's not good enough for real stuff.) and practiced finding the heart of horses (which didn't work because of the quality of the stethoscope, I'm assuming. I tested respiration, hydration, and capillary refill instead.), dogs (which worked the best, except they were wiggly and kept on trying to lick my face while I was counting heartbeats), and cats (which was extremely difficult because Bob wouldn't stop purring). I was very sad because I'll never get to be a vet. Why? I love animals "too much." That's the same reason I'll never get to be a doctor. That's the same reason I'll never get to be a biologist or an ethologist. I love animals too much. 
Ah, but I digress. Being bitter won't change anyone's mind. 
I was also very sad this weekend because of my hip. It has really been hurting me lately. It's decided to hurt in one of the muscles in the front where the joint is. I'm limping again, and it's terrible. I had to dismount on the off side the other day because it hurt so bad. I'm afraid that one day I'll need help to walk, and worse, that riding will be out of the question. I imagined myself getting a leg up to lie over Stella's bare back because that was the only "riding" I could do. It nearly brought tears to my eyes.
Oh, and now for something completely different.
I just got back from the most dysfunctional study group I have ever been to. You're probably wondering why I'm talking about the screwy people in my Chemistry class when this is a blog about HORSES, but it relates :) One of the girls in there takes a riding class too. She rode Merlin the other day, or maybe it was today. Either way, she said that he fell while she was riding him. It sent a shiver down my spine. The last time my favorite horse fell, he died a month later. I hope Merlin is okay.

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