Monday, October 27, 2008

Trail Ride!!!

For our flatwork lesson on Thursday, we went on a trail ride in the woods.  It was so much fun! I got to ride a cute, fat, fuzzy grey pony named Popsicle.  She had a nasty habit of biting at me, but otherwise we had no problems.  She was a nice ride, although she was mostly interested in doing exactly what the other horses were doing. We schooled in a completely different ring than we've ever been in before while we waited for Teresa to get her horse ready. Then, we set off to the pasture, where we went onto a trail.  
I mostly rode one-handed with slack reins. I thought that it would be better to let Popsicle have her head at all times, as I didn't know just how hardcore the trail was going to be. It was actually a great trail. There were some good water crossings, steep banks, logs in the path, and nice views. We saw some deer at one point on the ride. We also trotted on some of the straight, flat paths. I decided to stay in two point while we trotted instead of posting, just because it was easier to stay away from the awful branches. 
I haven't been on an actual trail ride since shortly after Mac died, so it was very nice. 

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