Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two rides on Jasmine.

Last week, I rode Jasmine for our flat lesson. We actually went out into this huge field in front of the school to ride, and it was very fun. Jasmine was a little silly, but manageable. We did lots of trotting up and down a small incline. I didn't get to canter very much. As soon as we started, someone got bucked off and we had to wait until she was standing and someone caught her horse. The girl was okay, though, and everyone started riding again. It was a pretty fun ride, even though I wish we could've gone on a trail ride instead. The trails at the school are absolutely amazing.
I also rode Jasmine for our jumping lesson yesterday. I think we had a really good ride on the flat. For some reason, my posting was really funny. I think it's because at school they force me to force my heels down, which forces my lower leg forward and causes tension, which causes my posting trot to be a little funny. It's not bad, it's just different compared to doing it at home. It also could be because I'm constantly on horses of different body types and almost always in saddles that don't fit me properly. At school, I definitely sit the trot better than I post it. 
We also had a very good jumping lesson. We started out going over poles, then added a small jump after the poles. That went well, so we started a course. I ended up doing a whole six jumps in one go, and it was great. I like jumping on Jasmine. She's a fun pony. It was absolutely exhilarating to jump her around the course. She's so fast and such a good jumper! 
I can't wait until tomorrow for our flat lesson.

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