Monday, March 9, 2009

I forgot one. Oh, and today's ride! (I'll talk about break in a separate post.)

We rode again on Thursday before break. I don't even remember the name of the horse I rode at first. I think his name was Rascal. He was big and headstrong and I was nervous about jumping him. Some girl referenced him as "the demon pony" as I was tacking him up, and that didn't make things any better. I also couldn't keep a grip on the reins because my hands were sweaty and the reins were slick. I didn't have any gloves, so I rubbed my hands in the dirt to try to get a little extra grip. Then Teresa was merciful and let us switch horses. I got to ride Popsicle--the opposite of the first horse. Popsicle is so lazy, but she'll take a jump for you. 
I rode Popsicle again today for our jumping lesson. We did a lot of flatwork before beginning to jump, which was wonderful. I actually had a great ride on her; Teresa dished out quite a few compliments about my riding. I rode a lot with one hand today because I needed to keep the crop behind my leg. I even jumped a few times with one hand. It was lots of fun. 
We didn't jump anything really big, but Teresa had me do an in-and-out coupled with a rollback. It was fun. Some people in the class jumped a big oxer, but I didn't because Popsicle just wasn't able to do it. I had a great time at this lesson, and the beautiful weather made it even better!
Why was I able to ride so well today? You'll just have to read about my spring break in the next entry...

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