Friday, April 10, 2009

Blessed Bucking Beastie

I went to go see the love of my life this afternoon. It was a gorgeous day, and Stella wasn't wearing her blanket. I brought her inside to brush her off, and then we went out for a ride. I didn't bother to longe her because I'm lazy and didn't feel like it.
We had a beautiful ride together. I could feel that Stella was a little "excited," but it was all good. Larry had a client out to watch him work her horse, and she was taking a spin when I finally got out to the ring. Stella and I moved easily through the gaits, and my hip was surprisingly very cooperative. Larry took a whip to me earlier because I'd once again failed to make a chiropractor appointment. I really should go again. I'm almost certain that my legs are two different lengths again. Ah, but I digress.
Stella and I did have some difficulty in coming to a complete stop. I think Stella was just feeling good. When we started cantering, she threw her head down and rounded up to buck. Larry laughed and then remembered to tell me that he'd started her on some new high-energy feed to help her gain some weight. She also hasn't been worked in a week, so the combination of extra calories and no work made her feel quite good, I guess. I stayed alert for the rest of the ride, prepared for one of Stella's infamous bucking fits, but she didn't do anything big tonight. Near the end of our ride, she crow-hopped a little, but I put a stop to it immediately and sent her straight back into a canter. I don't think she was protesting the canter at all; in fact, I think she was expressing absolute exuberance. She's definitely a horse who enjoys a good ride, and she really doesn't protest unless she's scared, not feeling well, or feeling a little indignant because I've done something that she dislikes.
It was very dark out when I finally got off, and we went inside together. I gave Stella lots of horse cookies and a good currying. She also got a large pile of hay in her stall, which she greatly appreciated. We talked for a while. I miss her so much when I'm away. Hopefully it won't rain too much tonight so we can ride again tomorrow.

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