Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I miss Stellaphone.

I didn't go home over the weekend because I had to do a lot of studying and because I wanted to go to the computer science department's picnic. I haven't seen Stella in a long time, and I haven't been on a horse in a long time. I'm starting to get restless like I did when I had to stop riding for a few months because of my hip and back pain. It's crazy. I climbed into a tree outside of the dining hall the other day. I like sitting in the tree because I can watch people. The branch that I sit on is ideal because it's wide enough to be comfortable, easily accessible, low enough that I don't have to worry about getting hurt if I fall, and high enough to make me feel awesome :) Ah, but enough about the tree. I did my riding stretches while seated astride the branch--leg over the pommel, heel to the seat, various shoulder stretches, everything I do in the saddle.
A few nights ago, my mom sent me a text message with a picture of Stella attached to it. She wrote, "We miss you very much." Then, she sent me one of Stella's hindquarters that said "Butt we know you'll be home soon!" It was so cute, and it really made my night.
Amber and I talked about me being a veterinarian last night. I was helping her study human anatomy for her biology class. I explained a lot of stuff to her, and she said that I should be a Biology major since I like it so much. The reason I'm not a Bio major is that I don't like dissection and animal experimentation. Bodily fluids don't really get to me, and I don't have issues with the whole "death" thing. Everyone dies; so it goes. I don't agree with they ways they obtain their animal specimens.
The veterinarian talk really wasn't important. I'm not switching my majors, and that's that. We talked about surgeries and stuff, though, and I talked about watching a small portion of a surgery when I was at the horse clinic with Mac. We talked about Mac for a while. Surprisingly, I was able to do it. It was uncomfortable, yes, but I was able to talk about our fall, his illness, his last night, and the morning he was euthanized. I didn't cry. Sometimes I still do, but not last night.
Things have changed so much.
One month and 23 days until it's been two years since he first fell. Two months and 18 days until two years since he died.
It's about time.

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