Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Stella had a visit from the dentist today. She had to have her teeth floated and a wolf tooth and a half removed. I kind of feel weird carrying around two extracted horse teeth, but at the same time I think they're really cool :)
Angie came over and felt around in Stella's mouth. She found a "small wolf tooth" on her left upper jaw, so we decided to go ahead and have it removed. It was very close to her molars and it wasn't interfering with the bit or her ability to eat, but we still wanted them gone. First Angie set out to remove the tooth, which was an interesting process to watch.
Stella was, of course, heavily sedated. I'm sure the tooth extraction was a painful process, so she got lots of happy stuff to help her get through it without a problem. Angie popped the little wolf tooth out and told us that it was probably a fragment left behind from a previous extraction.
After the half-a-wolf tooth was out, Angie floated the bottom molars. That wasn't a problem at...all except in my area. I had to support Stella's whole, drooping head while Angie filed away the sharp edges. She was a little heavier than I could easily support, but I just took a few pain pills and everything's fine. Then, Angie put the speculum into Stella's mouth to keep it open while she worked on the top molars. It was then that she realized that Stella had another, very large wolf tooth on the right side. The tooth was so close to Stella's molars that she'd thought it was part of them. After she finished floating Stella's teeth, Angie removed the speculum and started the process of removing the second tooth. Angie remarked that Stella is very clever; she was able to think of different ways to keep Angie from moving the rasp, so we had to stay on our toes. (Angie loves Stella and wants her, but I don't think she'll buy her because Angie knows that Stella means the world to me.)
Stella needed a bit more of the sedative before we could begin. She didn't try to get away from us or do anything bad, but she started to squiggle so much that Angie couldn't work. When the tooth was out, I watched Stella for a while to make sure she was okay after receiving the sedatives, and then I rinsed her off outside and put her back into her stall. She was bleeding a little bit in her mouth, but that didn't stop her from going straight back to munching her hay and, later on, chowing down on dinner.
Angie also performed some chiropractic work on Sydney. It was great to watch. She said that she attended a two-day course on equine chiropractic work, and she said that it was open to anyone. I'd love to learn how to do chiropractic work on horses. It's the only reason I can still ride, let alone walk comfortably; I'd love to make that sort of difference for a horse.
I had to go to a work party for the local horse show club. It was annoying. I was about 20 minutes late getting there because I'd been with Stella, but no one was there when I arrived. My poor Protege (a tiny little sedan) had a hard time going through the tall grass in the field at the showgrounds. In fact, some of the grass came up over the hood of the car because it was so tall. Everyone else except for one lady drove up in their huge trucks, so they didn't have a problem :) I seem to have a lot of problems bringing my car places. Remember the 4-H road cleanup? Ah, good times... A few people eventually came and we picked up some sticks. Wooohoo. Oh well.
And I can't even go to the show this Sunday. At least I'm heading back to school. I'm just going to miss my girl.