Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've been slacking off again...

But I have a slightly better reason than simply wanting to procrastinate. 
On Sunday, Mindy came over so we could ride. I worked Stella, Mindy jumped her a little, and then I jumped her a little. Larry informed me that someone was coming to look at Stella. I was devastated, and it bothered me for the entire ride. 
My hip also bothered me, which was why Mindy jumped Stella a little. After a while, though, my hardheadedness got the best of me and I decided to pop over a few small crossrails on Stella. I figured that I'd always regret not jumping her one last time. 
The woman came and looked at Stella. She really liked her, too. She has Stella's mom, who is also a very nice horse. I'm not ashamed that I glared at the woman and even shed a few tears when I had to hold her so that the woman could take some conformation shots. I'm in love, I need her, and I don't want to be alone again. I never want to go back to what I was. 
The woman decided that she didn't want Stella simply because of her height. Occasionally I'm a little envious when I'm riding the shortest horse in my classes, but I've never been happier to ride a "short" horse. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think 15.2 is all that small. Either way, it saved us for now. 
Either I'm going to sell myself to slavery in order to work Stella off from Larry and pay her board or I'm going to relive the self-loathing, nihilistic depression that completely overwhelmed me after Mac died. 
In happier news, I got to ride on Monday. I rode Bugsy again, and I think I'm absolutely in love with him. He's just so much fun to ride, and he's absolutely adorable. I had to jump him, though, which was quite comical. We had a great time on the flat. I was just really awkward when I was jumping. I guess it was a combination of getting used to riding a smaller horse over larger jumps. Stella's jump is really smooth, but Bugsy jumps weird. 
Our best (read: funniest) jump was when he came to a complete stop in front of the largest jump, waited a second, then jumped straight in the air to clear the jump. I was back in a full seat when he jumped, and I got popped forward on his neck. On the landing, I wrapped my arms around his tiny little neck and just held on until I could balance enough to sit up. Everyone, including me, got a good laugh out of that. After that particularly awkward fence, Teresa gave me a crop to keep the Bugsy butt moving. We literally galloped the fences after that, and it felt really impressive. 
We had a lot of funny jumps throughout the lesson, and I think I won the award for Most Awkward Jumper of the Day. I had a great time, though. It was so much fun, and I wouldn't mind riding Bugsy, Mersea, John T, and Merlin for the entire semester :) 
We couldn't ride on Wednesday. It was still snowy and icy from Tuesday, and they sent us an e-mail telling us that class was cancelled. Oh well. I'll ride this weekend if it isn't too wet. 

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