Monday, February 23, 2009

The Little Fox, Spoogent, and Grapes!

There were only three people in our lesson today because the riding team had a show over the weekend and the riding team didn't come to lessons. It was really great. I like smaller lessons because we get more individual attention and we get to do lots of fun stuff. 
I started out on Jasmine again. She was very fun to ride. I don't mind that she goes so fast. She travels with her back hollowed so that it's a little uncomfortable, but it's okay. She's very controllable.  Now that I've been on her a few times, she doesn't even seem that fast anymore.
After riding Jasmine for a while, we switched horses and I got on, no, SPOOGENT! :) I had a crop, but I really didn't use it that much on him. I just let him know that I had it. He wasn't that lazy for me.  I lost a stirrup while we were cantering once, so I just dropped the other one too. I didn't feel like fishing around for it. Then, Spoogent almost took off my foot on a jump standard. He's a sneaky little guy. 
I also rode GRAAAAAAPES, also known as Bugsy. Bugsy was a good boy for me. I haven't worked with him in a while, and I've missed him. I love cantering him. I also got to untack him, so we spent lots of time together. 
I had a wonderful lesson today. We're going to jump on Wednesday. I can't wait to see which horse I'll get. 

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