Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh, and I rode Stella.

I did get to ride a little this weekend, too. I rode Stella for a long time on Saturday, and I rode Chester for a few minutes on Sunday. 
I had a very good time with Stella. We worked the usual WTC, and I did lots of bending and leg yielding with her. It really didn't hurt that much when I was riding except when I cantered in one particular direction.  I did it anyway, though. The other direction was just fine. We had a few of those really nice moments where everything was effortless, but they were very short--a few strides in a row, at most. I had a lot of fun brushing and petting Stella after our ride. She's such a sweet creature. 
My ride on Chester was fun too. I worked without stirrups for the entire ride, even though I didn't ride for very long because he'd already been worked. Riding Chester always makes me think about Mac, mostly in a good way nowadays. I still miss Mac, but we've still got Chester. Chester was so good for me. We walked and trotted and did lots of circles and turns. We halted and backed and I patted him and rubbed his neck. I told Larry that I wanted to ride Chester bareback one day, and he asked me if I wanted to get hurt again. I just laughed, because we both know Chester would never try to do anything. And if I was daring enough to be the first person to ride Stella bareback, I can definitely start Chester bareback too. 
Stella was a little unnerved by the lack of saddle the first time I rode her bareback. Then, she bumped into the mounting block with one of her feet and took off trotting with me on her back. I wasn't quite ready for trotting on such a bony beast, but it was okay. I really haven't gone bareback on her much lately, mostly because I've been away and because she's got such prominent withers. It's not comfortable :P

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