Thursday, February 5, 2009

Updates from this week.

Monday's lesson was not so good. I was in a world of pain from falling off on Sunday, and each part of my body had a different plan. My legs were flopping around everywhere, my hip kept catching when we cantered, my shoulders were rounded, and my hands weren't as soft as usual because my elbows wanted to lock up. I wasn't happy that we had to jump, either. 
I rode a large bay pony named Ducky. She was a cutie, and I would've had a pretty good time on her if I hadn't been hurting so much. I took a pain pill right before I left for class, and it didn't kick in until I was almost done riding--then I felt tired and unable to control my mind or my body. I don't think Teresa quite understood that I was in excruciating pain, even though I flat-out told her that I was hurting and that I'd fallen off the day before. Ducky was also a little uppity when we were jumping, which didn't help anything. I have to admit I was a little jittery about jumping because of Sunday's events, but I got over it quickly. I think I rode the fences pretty well, considering how I was feeling. 
Wednesday's ride was a whole lot better. I wasn't hurting anymore. I worked on the flat with a grey pony named Popsicle. I'm sure I've worked with her before. She's possibly the laziest pony I've ever been on. I asked her to trot the first time, and she PLANTED. I actually felt her plant herself to the ground from a walk, and I couldn't get her to move until I had a crop and spurs. Eventually we got on with just spurs. I hate using English spurs; I don't really do Western anymore, but I still prefer longer, roweled spurs. We did lots of work with one stirrup (which aggravates my hip at the posting trot), and we rode a pattern. We went over poles for a while. We also worked with half the class tracking left and the other half tracking right. I think I was the only person who picked the right direction the first time, thanks to Miss Janet :) 
I want to go home and ride Stella. I miss her. 

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