Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Braving the muck again.

It's still mucky out. So much for all the riding I was going to do before District...
I went to the barn early today. Larry and I turned out the horses and then I got to work on some stalls while Larry tried to fix someone's car. Abby is still limping from a cut on her back paw, but it's healing. It was rather uneventful, really. Larry had to leave and he took Abby with him, so I decided to go home and get some lunch. I came back after a while to finish the stalls.
No one was around once everything was done, so I distributed fresh sawdust, hay, and water to all of the stalls. Then I brought in the horses, who were glad to come in for dinner. Tina was absolutely disgusting. She decided to roll in the really muddy area near the gate, and she was literally covered from head to hoof in thick mud. When I led her inside, she kept trying to rub it off on me and I told her that she was a "nasty, nasty Wiener." I went back out to get Sissy, who stomped in the mud outside of the gate and splattered mud all over my pants. Karma, perhaps? The horses were all glad to have their dinner, and I was very happy to sit in the aisle and listen to the grateful shuffling of hay and crunching of grain. I brought Stella in and gave her a quick grooming once she was finished with her grain. I went home after that.
I can't wait until it's nice out again.

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