Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yay barn.

Yesterday was rainy and awful. I went to the barn to help do some stalls, and then there was a downpour. The whole sky opened up and dumped out over the barn as Larry and I rushed to drag our frolicking horses into their stalls. They were having fun munching grass and playing in the rain, so much that we almost left them outside to get soaked. Larry and I hid in the barn like a pair of wet rats once the job was done. We weren't about to go back out into the rain. Normally I like rain, but this was an uncomfortably heavy rain. As soon as it let up, I ran out to my car and went to the chiropractor.
My chiropractor appointment was interesting. They tried all sorts of things to make my muscles relax. First, they started with some electrical stimulation, which was strange but pleasant. Then, they tried heat. Then, the chiropractor started massaging my back. It worked after a while.
He worked on my hips and nearly pulled me off the table. I jumped to regain my balance after one attempt, but he just laughed and assured me that I wouldn't fall. He said it was difficult because I'm so flexible and it took a lot to make my hip pop. He fixed my neck, which hurt a little at the time. He finished up by playing with my knees. My left knee evidently moves laterally a whole lot. He didn't like that. He asked me if I'd ever injured that knee, but the only semi-serious thing I could think of was the time Mac kicked me in my right knee. I've really banged my left knee, but I don't think any of that would screw it up like it is. I don't know what's wrong with my knees, but they're still hurting... I'm still sore from the chiropractor. Meh. At least I'm properly aligned now.
I went to the barn this morning to see Larry, Abby, and all of the horses. Larry and I put the horses out and then I cleaned some stalls. Larry had to go to town, so I stayed at the barn and continued with the stalls. I got really hungry after a while, so I went home to get some lunch.
I came back and finished all of the stalls. I also played with Jack for a while and ended up pinning him to the ground to pull ticks off of him. He whined and writhed. He put his mouth on me. He nailed me square in the face with a back leg. I hope no one was watching, because it looked and sounded like I was hurting the poor dog. I think I got all of the ticks, though, so I felt like I'd done a good deed. I don't like ticks. I really, really don't. I gave Jack some fresh water and a few biscuits as a reward for letting me rough him up a little, and he appreciated them. I left and went home for dinner and to get my little sister.
I groomed Stella really well. I curried her and ran a hard brush over her, and then used a finishing brush to make her shine. I combed her mane and tail and brushed her face. I picked out her hooves and rubbed the mud off of her legs. I even pulled out the pocket clippers and trimmed her coronets and fetlocks. She looked so nice :) I was going to do her bridle path as well, but the pocket clippers weren't able to handle Stella's thick mohawk.
It was still really muddy out today. The arena was awful, and there were some slippery patches all around the yard.

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