Friday, May 8, 2009


It's STILL muddy out, but I went for a short ride today. It was fun.
As I've been doing for the past week, I went to the barn and did all of the stalls. My muscles are finally coming back :) I sat on the porch with Larry and Abby for a while. Abby was whining about something, and then Larry and I checked her for ticks. Did I mention that I really dislike ticks? I guess that's what happens once you spot a bullseye rash on your thigh and have to swallow down a course of antibiotics that make you seriously wonder whether you'd prefer Lyme over your next dose. So, yeah, it's personal.
Larry dragged the ring and made it suitable for a short walk-trot ride. I tacked up Stella and took her out to the arena, where Larry was already schooling Blondie, the palomino mare that he's training. Stella and I were standing by the gate while I checked her girth and put some fly spray on her legs. Suddenly, Stella pushed forward and slammed me into the gate. She seemed hesitant to push me any more, yet absolutely panicked about something. Blondie was flipping out and had bumped into Stella in the middle of her mare flare. After our little experience at State, I'm sure Stella was scared out of her mind. It really hurt, but I sucked it up and told Larry I was fine when he asked. He seemed worried about me.
I just hurried and got on Stella. She was ready to go, but I had to keep her in check because the ground was so slick. We did trot some, which was quite nice. The person who last rode in my saddle evidently likes short stirrups, because I had to take them down about two holes. (Stirrups are no big deal, just don't readjust my helmet when you borrow it! ;)) Stella wasn't pleased about having to stop and stand while I adjusted the stirrups. She wanted to walk off, so I backed her up and assured her that she'd be in a lot of trouble if I had to get off :D I'd already mounted from the ground once, and I didn't want to do it again.
Stella broke a canter one time when I was working at a sitting trot. She just got excited and leaped into it, splashing up water and clumps of mud with her wild hooves. I really wanted to canter, but I think two horse-and-rider falls are enough to last me for the rest of my life. It was a fun ride, though, and I was glad to get out on Stella for a little bit.
When we were all finished, I groomed Stella and braided up her tail so that Baby Jessie will quit chewing on it. All of her turnout buddies are mysteriously beginning to lose chunks of tail hair. Stella has been quite fortunate so far, but I'm not taking any chances. Stella's tail is long but very thin, so we can't afford to lose any volume! Stella was very squiggly tonight, which was funny. She got bored when I was working on her tail, so I had to keep distracting her from all of the chew toys that surrounded her.
My body hurts. It hurts worse than it did before I went to the chiropractor. My knees are awful. My hip is awful, particularly after Stella slammed me into the gate. It was really hurting me this morning, though. My lower back hasn't been bad lately except for the times I've had to sit for a long time, such as during my exams last week. I guess things will change with time.

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