Friday, May 1, 2009

Home again.

The semester is over. I am home.
While I'm definitely going to miss school, I'm glad to be back. My pining for Stella was becoming quite overwhelming.
I went to the barn late because it was after 7 when I got home. I talked to Stella in her stall for a while, and then Larry let me ride Chester for a while. He was using the new western saddle on Chester, and I hate the saddle's stirrups. When I have my legs aligned with my hips, I can only keep the toe of my boot in the stirrup. If I keep the ball of my foot in the stirrup, my legs get jacked forward. Larry and I played around with the length of the stirrups, but it was all in vain. I surrendered and rode without stirrups or a problem. I only walked and trotted a little bit, but my legs are KILLING me. It's going to be a long, hard road to getting my muscles back.
I also cleaned a whole lot of stalls and gave all the horses water once I was finished riding. My arms were also aching from the first good use they've had in a long time (Sure, I lift light weights, but nothing can compare to real work.), and it felt great. I've definitely lost a lot of tone over the past few months. It's been making me very sad. I used to have a very muscular body, but I can't stand the repetition of a gym, physically can't run, don't have enough time to get the equivalent at a walk, and don't have a barn full of needy horses at college.
I went to see Stella again after everything was done. I hugged her. She's been rubbing her tail. Larry gave her some dewormer, and I'm probably going to wrap her dock with vetwrap tomorrow. It already looks awful, and she hasn't even done it that much yet.
Agh. I need some ibuprofen and sleep.

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